Smiling like Sunshine: Cosleeping

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Had I knew, we would cosleep with our children when we were buying our bedroom furniture,I would definitely go for a floor bed. At the moment we have a king size bed with a bedside cot next to it. Defne is in a transition stage where she sometimes goes to her room and sometimes wants to sleep with mummy. When she was a baby,she skipped crawling. She is also a cautious person, so we never had issues about the safety of a bedside cot. However this little one started crawling at 7 months and since then we have to be extra careful.

I stumbled upon these floor beds yesterday. Aren't they beautiful?

Gaelle Le Boulicaut
Elodie Rambaud


  1. Those beds are amazing! I think the bottom one is my favorite. x

  2. I love the bottom one! Wow! When I was pregnant, and for the first 8 weeks, we had a floor bed. It was DIVINE! Ever since, we've been traveling and renting furnished apartments, but we are both READY to go back to a floor bed!

  3. My fav is the bottom one,too :)

  4. These are really beautiful beds! We have a floor bed (not as beautiful as the ones in the pictures!) and when sunnyboy started crawling at 7 months he straight away set about learning how to climb on and off the bed. :)
    Here's a picture:


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