Smiling like Sunshine: Frog and the Wide World

Monday, 10 January 2011

Frog and the Wide World

We came across the Frog last year in our local library. It was Frog in Love which is a story about a frog who fells in love and tries to figure out his feelings.The story is lovely and the illustrations are beautiful,too. My daughter does not understand what falling in love means yet,but she loved the way Frog tries to understand his feelings when he mets the Duck and how he misses her and tries to communicate with her.
When I went online to search about the writer Max Velthuijs,I learnt that Frog is a series of books that is translated to many languages. In his native Holland,Frog is known as Kikker.
So far we have read, Frog the Hero,Frog and The Wide World and Frog finds a Friend.

From Frog and The Wide World

Rat stood on the top of a hill and looked out towards the horizon. "The world is quite beautiful"he sighed. And at once he felt restless."It is time for me to go on my travels"

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