Smiling like Sunshine: Montessori sandpaper letters and numbers

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Montessori sandpaper letters and numbers

Image via Etsy

Look what arrived in the post this weekend! Recently Defne is showing a great interest in letters. Since November, she can write her own name. She traces the words she sees here and there, she tries to write her friends' and teachers' names. (She goes to preschool) So I decided that it is a good time to buy sandpaper letters for her.
Montessori sandpaper letters are individual cards containing letters of the alphabet in raised sandpaper. They are used to familiarize children with the look and sound of each letter while the child is also developing muscle memory of the letters in preparation for writing
I searched quite a few places online and decided to buy them from this Etsy shop: Polliwog Learning Products. They are handmade and of very high quality. And they have a lovely wooden smell :)
Here is a link on how to introduce sandpaper letters
here is a link on Montessori phonetics
and exercises/games to play with the letters


  1. Thanks for the links Işıl. We're really getting ready to read and write here too and you've given me some great ideas. Siobhanx

  2. These look brilliant, thanks! x

  3. Siobhan and Abby,
    thx for taking your time to comment.I am glad you liked it.Warmly,


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