Smiling like Sunshine: we play: what comes next?

Sunday, 23 January 2011

we play: what comes next?

This idea and the little figures we play with came from a children's magazine.
We take turns in sequencing the objects and the other player guesses what comes next.For example I put one car,one plane,one car and then she guesses what comes next. Or I put two fish,one seashell,then two fish again and she guesses what comes next. Then it's her turn,she makes up a sequence and I guess what comes next.
This can be played with buttons or colourful cotton reels,too.
My daughter is very interested in numbers and letters at the moment so we also made some subtraction and addition exercises using them. She enjoyed it a lot.

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  1. Pattern making is such an important concept for children to learn and I think this sort of playful introduction is so important.

    Thank you for linking to We Play this week.


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