Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday:My First Classical Music Book

Monday, 21 February 2011

Book Sharing Monday:My First Classical Music Book

This is a lovely book which comes with a CD.
The book is aimed at 5-7 years olds. But we bought the book when D. was almost three and she loves looking at the pictures.The book introduces the children to various instruments and musicians.
We like listening the CD and dancing to the music. My daughter's favorite pieces are Prokofiev's Peter and The Wolf  and Offenbach's Can Can.
We  talk about the book and different types of instruments and music (fast,slow etc.).

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  1. Deniz will absolutely love this book. Thanks for sharing. Off to find it on Amazon now x

  2. That book sounds lovely! It reminds me a bit of the The Story of the Orchestra.

  3. This looks like a great book. Thanks for recommending it and linking to our canrival of music and song play. We all enjoy listening to classic music and I think the girls would be interested to learn more about it.


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