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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Montessori activities:practical life

Practical Life exercises are highly valued in the Montessori method.They teach children useful life skills. Children enjoy these activities because these are the things they witness in their daily life and a typical 2-3 year old is very keen to do them all by himself/herself.
Practical Life activities also have a strong fine motor component.
My daughter  enjoys these.Recently she is showing a great interest in craft activities and we haven't done anything like this for quite a while. When I asked she was really interested.

Matching jars and lids:I put four different sized jars and lids on a tray and she matched them.

Dry pouring: Transferring lentils from one jug to another. This activity develops hand-mind coordination. D. loved this so much when she was younger. She would happily transfer lentils or beans for about 20-30 minutes :)

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  1. bir cocugun 20-30 dk bir kavanozdan digerine mercimek dokerek kendini eglendirebilecegini dusunemezdim bile,, verdigin oneriler icin cok sagol, uygulayacagim gunu iple cekiyorum,, :)



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