Smiling like Sunshine: Is breastfeeding advocacy anti-feminist?

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Is breastfeeding advocacy anti-feminist?

Painting by Erika Hastings who blogs at Mud Spice

I love the antropologist Katherine Dettwyler. She is well known for her anthropological studies on breastfeeding.
When my daughter was a toddler, I had read her article about a natural age of weaning and I was really impressed. Her articles about non-nutrutive sucking and why nurse toddlers are also inspiring.
Last night I read her article where she argues if breastfeeding advocacy is anti-feminist or not?In her article Dettwyler argues says that

"A truly feminist perspective on women acknowledges that women’s reproductive work is what matters in terms of long term evolutionary fitness. A truly feminist perspective on women acknowledges that choosing not to reproduce, while not adaptive in an evolutionary sense, is perfectly acceptable in cultural terms. A truly feminist perspective on women acknowledges that cultural constructions can help or hinder women, whatever choices they make, but that denying women knowledge about the consequences of their choices is profoundly non-feminist and unfair."

Thanks to my dear friend Karen for sharing this on Facebook and thanks to Carol at Lactivist Leanings for reposting the article.
Click here to read it.


  1. I love this painting! Thanks for the link. Looks right up my alley! xo m.

  2. I loved nursing, I nursed Sasha for 4 years and Sania 3 years (tandem 1 year). It's a beautiful thing to share with our little ones. They still ask me once in a while if I have milkies.

  3. Ecomilf,
    I love her paintings,simple,yet beautiful.
    Earthboysblog,welcome to my blog and thanks for taking your time to comment :)


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