Smiling like Sunshine: Aubergine and bell pepper

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Aubergine and bell pepper

Do you plan your weekly menus? I generally do. It makes my life easier but then sometimes I read a recipe or see a picture and get carried away.
I am reading The Flavour Thesaurus. As I was perusing it, I came across this:

Aubergine and Bell Pepper: Of all Turkey's many aubergine dishes, patlican biber is one of the most popular so much so that in early evening the smell of aubergines and green pepper frying in olive oil fills the air the length and breadth of the country. Once they have cooled, they are served with two simple sauces, one of the cooked tomatoes and garlic and another of thick yoghurt mixed with salt and more garlic.

One of our favorite dishes. When I read this, I just had to cook it. This actually tastes best in the summer, when aubergines and tomatoes are ripe and taste lovely. Another must have with this dish is a loaf of soft white bread, a baguette or two. Enjoy!


  1. Oh my good, I could eat this all day, every day.

  2. i started planning our weekly menus and shopping just for the menu about 2 months ago and I am enjoying it a lot. This week I have done the shopping for the menu online for the first time as well, surprisingly I got everything I ordered -no substitutions.

    I am cooking for all 3 of our pack lunches as well as dinner and breakfasts; it is great as it is much better than the sandwiches we get everyday at lunch and we are saving money at the same time.

    I will add patlican biber with the tomato and garlic sauce to next week's menu :)


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