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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Home made playdough

I once tried to make a batch of play dough when Defne was a little older than one year old. It turned out very bad because I used whole wheat flour (it was the only flour at home). The food colouring I used dyed my hands so much that I had red hands for 3 days! That was it, I never attempted again.
Seeing the texture of the playdoughs at Defne's nursery school and speaking with her teacher encouraged me to try it again. Plus I now have a toddler who wants to play with everything her sister does and who puts everything in his mouth.
I used the recipe from this inspiring blog


1 cup salt

4 cups plain flour

4 tablespoons Cream of Tartar

6 tablespoons oil


Then add:

3 cups boiling water (Sometimes a little extra water is needed)

Alternatively you can use liquid paint to colour the dough. Simply replace some of the water with paint to make up the three cups of water.

It turnt out lovely. I divided the dough and we coloured some of them. We used cinnamon to make a lovely smelling dough. And into another portion  we added a few drops of clove oil.
The texture was soft and nice. We enjoyed playing with these more than the store bought ones.

                                                Cupcakes decorated with stones:)

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