Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday: Hello Baby

Monday, 18 April 2011

Book Sharing Monday: Hello Baby

We bought Hello Baby by Jenni Overend and Julie Vivas when I was pregnant with Derin. I was looking for a book for preparing Defne about the birth and the new baby. This book was highly recommended on a few natural parenting forums.
It tells the story of a home-birth through the eyes of the youngest child in the family. The illustrations are gorgeous, gentle and honest.
I didn't choose to have a home birth but I am still very happy with the choice of this book. My daughter learnt a lot about birth and wants to read it again from time to time.

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  1. Even if you aren't doing the home birth having age appropriate resources available allows you to share what you want to share with your children. I think it makes it easier for parents to prepare children, especially those who are going to have children present either at home or in a birthing center.

  2. We have this one too - I was hoping for a home birth with no.2 (didn't happen in the end) and got it to read to no. 1 - we all loved it. Ormerod's illustrations are perfect. She's done lots of lovely books about babies and families.

  3. Bailey,thanks for commenting :)
    Zoe, I haven't come across her books,will check them out.Thanks!

  4. this is such a lovely book and helped us prepare our then 2 year old for our home birth, along with another nice one called 'our water baby'.
    i read a review on amazon that said they were shocked by the graphic picture in this book and had to shut it quickly so their child would not see! i think it's a shame to hide nature from children in this way!
    in the end i had my home birth in a pool and my daughter watched perched on the stairs with her auntie. she was thrilled to bits and not at all phased.
    your blog is lovely btw! x

  5. The Mule,thank you for leaving a comment and your kind words.I can't believe thatt people were shocked by this book; ridiculous,isn't it? I am glad you had a great homebirth :)


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