Smiling like Sunshine: Dripping Colours

Friday, 15 April 2011

Dripping Colours

We love this craft activity and do it from time to time.
Here is what you need:
a white paper towel
a few colours of poster paint

Put the paints into little bowls and add a little bit water into each bowl to dilute it and make it more runny.
Fold a paper towel in half, then in half again, and in half one more time. This will leave you with a paper towel that has been folded into eighths.

Dip one corner of folded towel in one colour and dip another corner in another colour. Continue dipping until many colours have been absorbed.
Unfold the towel and allow it to dry.

Very pretty!
They  can be used as a lovely blanket for little dolls or as table cloths for role playing.
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