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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Gallery:My blog

The theme of the gallery is "my blog" this week.

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  1. Oh that is very clever!

    A really lovely collection of photo's, I love the shots where the little ones are giving each other cuddles.

  2. beautiful photos - what is the swirly stuff?
    Love the Innocent prompt too - I got that email and have applied to competition, no one seems as excited about this wedding, I remember Charles and Diana - it was a huge thing!

  3. What a gorgeous collection of photos! I'm amazed at how much craft you do - wish i could be as good as you :)
    Nice to meet you

  4. Lovely collection.
    My Gallery thingy is at

  5. Lovely photos and a great idea to do a collage!

  6. Thanks to all of you for taking your time to comment :)

  7. Sorry I'm a bit late getting to look at the gallery pics - that's one great collage of photos. I spied Sophie the teething giraffe straight away. We love Sophie here :)


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