Smiling like Sunshine: Happiness

Monday, 11 April 2011


Uju at Babesabouttown invited us to write a post about Happiness for the latest BMB Carnival.

Image source Syrup & Honey via weheartit

Happiness is smelling the hyacinths in our garden and watching the tulips grow and blossom.
Happiness is the delight of my children at the playground.
Happiness is a dear friend visiting from overseas.
Happiness is feeling the warmth of the sun on my back whilst walking.
Hapiness is a nice cup of coffee after a full breakfast chatting with my husband.
Hapiness is putting away the winter clothes, sorting out the summer clothes and realizing I have lost a few pounds since last summer.
Hapiness is hanging the laundry on the washing line in the garden.
Hapiness is hearing my toddler who has started to babble a few words and my four year old daughter who gets so much joy trying to read words she sees everywhere.

What made you happy recently?

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  1. Lovely words.
    I guess the trick is to find happiness in the every day things every day.


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