Smiling like Sunshine: Letter to Littles:April 2011

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Letter to Littles:April 2011

Inspired by Sausagemama and Zoie at TouchstoneZ, I am writing a monthly letter to my children. If you would like to join in or  read others' letters, check out the  linky here.

You are 4 years 4 months old now. You have changed so much recently. Your talk, your mimics,your facial expression. I can almost see how you will be when you are a young lady.
You are such a joy to be with! You think you know everything and you are so sure of yourself!
This month you participated in a little show at your ballet school and we enjoyed watching you.
This month we have also learnt about the school which you will attend in September. You are officially a school child now! I can't believe how time flies!
Recently you have become a very girly girl. It is all about pinks,princesses and dolls here!
Because of the Easter holiday, your nursery school was closed. You kept asking about when you will go  back to school. You enjoy being there and have so much fun!
During the holiday, we went to the playground almost everyday. You can now manage to climb on top of the climbing frame for the big children. You were so proud of yourself!
You show so much interest in nature. You always ask the names of the flowers and keep repeating them in English and Turkish. You love trees and every now and then you will ask to go to the forest.
Your favorite books are The Monkey Tree and The Smartest Giant in Town and your favorite song is a Greek lullaby which you try to sing.
You are such a lovely sister for your brother. You like to kiss him all the time! You get so exciting when you hear him talk. Daddy and me get delighted watching you two playing together.
I am so proud of you!

You are 16 months old now. You are growing so fast!
You are our little whirlwind. You want to do everything your sister does!
This month you have started speaking a few words : anne (for mother in Turkish)baba ( for father in Turkish), mama for food, Nene for Defne and vakvak for duck and gaga for fish. You can also sign fish,duck and music.
Boy,you love music and you like dancing so much!
Your favorite song is Heads, Shoulders,Knees and Toes and Sleeping Bunnies.
But nothing delights you more than your big sister. When she laughs out loud, you start laughing, too and we love watching you.
You love playing with your bucketful of dinosaurs and nesting cups.
Your favorite book is You Choose.
You have now learnt the way to the playground and when we get close, you begin clapping. You love swinging. And you love escaping!! Wherever we go, you always try to run away!
You are so active! You walk and run carelessly. The other day you fell over in the garden and scraped your nose and forehead! I wish it won't happen again. On the other hand, when I look at you, I feel that this will not be our last accident.
You still love sleeping on my lap,in my arms. I still wonder when I will be able to put you down. I also cherish these moments as you are, very likely, our last baby.
You have also figured out kissing. I love you and your sweet little kisses!


  1. I love it! This is a wonderful snap shot of things that will change before you can blink. Thank you for sharing this and for participating

  2. Yaban,Zoie,
    Thank you.I am glad you liked it.
    I enjoyed writing these so much. Has always been on my mind,but with 2 kids,I just couldn't.This was a great prompt.

  3. Truely beautiful

    thanks for sharing


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