Smiling like Sunshine: Montessori activities for toddlers(1)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Montessori activities for toddlers(1)

Derin turned 16 months the other day. Recently I have started introducing him to some Montessori activities. Of course, his attention span is still quite short but sometimes it is as long as 10 minutes!
Here are some of the Montessori activities we enjoy these days:

Dry pouring: transferring beans from one bowl to another, using a spoon
(I closely observe him during this since he is still at a mouthing stage)

Exploring knobless cylinders

Putting nesting cups inside of each other from largest to smallest

He loves putting things inside a box. So I  cut a little slit on a box. He loves posting D.'s big lacing buttons from the slit.

As for sensorial play, he enjoys playing with sand in the garden.

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