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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Foodie Inspiration:Ottolenghi

Recently I realized that I cook the same meals over and over. Although they were loved a lot, eating the same meals almost every week, starts getting boring.
I turned to my pile of cookbooks for some inspiration and in between the books, a I found a little booklet that The Guardian gave last year: It featured recipes from  Ottolenghi's then new book Plenty. I am a great fan of his recipes and shared one here before.
With two young children, it is extremely important  for me that I can cook quickly.
The ingredients should not be too exotic. I want to cook with ingredients that are in my store cupboard, at least most of the time. And, the recipes must be mostly vegetarian.
With these in mind, before investing in a new book I decided to test the recipes in the booklet.
Last week I cooked  a few of his recipes .

So what did we have?
Shakshuka, Very Full Tart, Crunchy Pappardelle and  Multi-Vegetable Paella. We enjoyed these very much. Not only they were delicious, easy to cook as well. Real food and perfect nourishment for all the family.
After these lovely meals, I decided his book won't gather dust on the shelf and ordered it. It has just arrived this morning. Now if only the landlord send somebody to fix the oven which decided to die as I was baking  the tart last Thursday!


  1. Looking forward to seeing a few more of your creations from Plenty, it's such a great book! Emma :)

  2. Thanks Emma, will let you know :)

  3. Plenty is currently my favourite cookery book to - everything I've tried has been delicious

  4. Zoe,
    thank you very muchfor your feedback.I am so happy that you friends also tell me how much you appreciate this book :)

  5. Love ottolenghi. Used to live near one. I have the book too. Hope to see some of your creations on here!


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