Smiling like Sunshine: Letter to Littles::May 2011

Friday, 27 May 2011

Letter to Littles::May 2011

Inspired by Sausagemama and Zoie at TouchstoneZ, I am writing a monthly letter to my children. If you would like to join in or read others' letters, check out the linky here.

Dear Defne,
you are 4 years 5 months now.
You have had such a big interest in your letters  for the last six months or so. Although we never tried to teach it, you can read most of the words/sentences you see now! I love it when you try to read the sign posts: You read "No parking at any time" and you ask "Why does it say so?"
I love it when you try to read to your baby brother.
Your favorite teacher at your preschool is Andrea. You like to say that you are going to be Andrea when you grow up!
You have a great interest in fashion. You cannot wait to wear high heels! Also, you like to wear a favorite skirt, dress or shoe and then ask people "Do you like my skirt, x?"
The weather has been really nice and you had great fun playing in the garden. You also enjoy watering the plants and flowers. I hope you always find great joy in the nature.

you are 17 months old now.
You are such an energetic little boy, you never walk but run! Unlike your sister, who would always stay close to me, you run away everywhere.
I would love it if you napped on the bed, rather than in my arms now. I could really do with a little bit of free time. Indeed I would try putting you down this month, but if you wake up and can't go back to sleep, you become so cranky, I could not dare.
For the last two days, you have been screaming at the top of your lungs. Your gums are swollen, you are teething. Speaking of teeth, you love brushing your teeth. At bedtime, you will go to the bathroom and demand your brush, unlike your sister who hated it at the time.
You have added a few new words to your vocabulary and it is so nice to see you communicating more each day.
Did I mention you love music and dancing? You love turning on the keyboard, finding a tune you like and start dancing. Then you get another musical toy, press the buttons on both toys and create your own mixture, excellent! I hope you continue to be delighted with music.


  1. Ilerisi icin cok guzel bu notlar Isil ve onlari boyle yakindan izleyebilmek muhtesem birsey! Ikisi de birbirinden tatli. Kocaman opucukler onlara.

  2. Dilek'cigim, tesekkurler,biz de sizi opuyoruz. Blog sayesinde ben de yazmis oluyorum :)

  3. This is so sweet. These little moments like you write about here are the ones we'll forget because they are gone so quickly. I'm so glad you're writing them and I hope you and your children will have fun rediscovering them when they're older.


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