Smiling like Sunshine: Marble painting

Friday, 6 May 2011

Marble painting

We did marble painting with Defne a few days ago.This oldie but goldie activity will surely entertain any child -and adult :)-

a few marbles
different colours of paint
bowls for the paint 
a shallow tray or box
stack of paper to fit the tray/box

Place the paper in the tray.
Swirl the marbles in paint, then take them out and place them on the paper. And let the fun begin!
Tilt the tray to left and right, forwards-backwards and watch the marbles creating lovely strokes of paint.

a few minutes later:

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  1. I have only tried marble painting onces at playgroup..I think our paint was too thick, but we would like to try again! It is such a fun craft!

    Thank you for stopping by Kids Get Crafty - appreciate your visit!


  2. Very pretty!
    We have done marble painting several times. Kids love it! (And me too :D ). It is so good to use these paintings later for backgrounds or just making cards.

  3. We love marble painting too - great fun and the patterns always turn out so well.

  4. Marble painting is an absolute favorite at our preschool. You might be interested in having a look at our giant marble painting:

  5. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. This is really great fun :) Jenny, I love your giant marble painting,looks fantastic!


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