Smiling like Sunshine: Marshmallow and toothpick sculptures

Friday, 13 May 2011

Marshmallow and toothpick sculptures

This has been on my mind since I read about it on The Artful Parent.
Defne was quite excited to see as I was setting the table for her: a big packet of marshmallows and a box of toothpicks. "What are these for?" she asked. I told her that these are for making sculptures. First I showed her a small example, then she had a go.

She absolutely loved it and wanted to show it to her friends and teachers at her preschool today.
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  1. Brilliant! But what I want to know, is "How did you stop them from eating the marshmallows"... my son would have been chomping away :-0

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. I love marshmallow sculptures! The best part is eating them when your done! Thanks for sharing on It's Playtime

    Rachele @ Messy Kids

  3. Maggy, would you believe that it was the first time she tasted marshmallows :)She ate two I guess, but wasn't very impressed, which is good :))
    Rachelle,thanks for visiting :)

  4. Mine would have eaten them all too! And probably requested hot chocolate to go with them.

  5. I featured you on this weeks It's Playtime! Stop by and grab a feature button and thank you for playing with us!

  6. @Cathy,let them enjoy :)
    @Messy Kids, many thanks,proudly showing off with my button now :)


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