Smiling like Sunshine: Wooden Toys

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wooden Toys

When Defne was 8 months old, a big toy company announced that they had to recall their toys because they contained lead. I was horrified as everything was going to her mouth at that stage. I tended  to buy wooden toys but we had a few plastic toys as well. So I replaced them with wooden ones and sticked to the rule of buying toys made of natural materials where possible.
In my opinion, wooden toys are aesthetically more pleasant than the mass market plastic toys.
Wood is also warm and pleasing to the touch, tempting tactile sensory exploration. They can be handed down from generation to generation. You can always give them a new look by using beeswax wooden polish. 
They don't overstimulate the children and are great for open ended play.
I have a great interest in Montessori education, too. Montessori materials are quite expensive but you can find lots of wooden toys that are compatible with the Montessori philosophy.
I was recently contacted by the Wooden Toyshop. They have a nice selection of wooden toys suitable for babies and toddlers.
Here are a few of my favorites:
Stacking Cubes £20.95
Plan Toys Musical Band Kit £32.89

Melissa and Doug Lace Animals £7.49

Balancing Monkeys Puzzle £13.87

Their website is easy to navigate and they provide free delivery on all orders over 50£ ( for UK). At the moment, they also have a 10 % off offer on tea sets. Guaranteed  for hours of fun in the world of wooden toys.

This is a sponsored post.