Smiling like Sunshine: Marie Veronique Organics

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Marie Veronique Organics

The lovely people over at Marie Veronique Organics got in touch with me after my post about sunscreens and they have sent me some samples to review.
Marie Veronique Kid Safe Screen, SPF 25, is suitable for the whole body and the whole family.
They also make a Moisturizing Face Screen, SPF 30 and an Anti-Aging Day Serum, SPF 20 for adults.
Marie Veronique Organics’ Moisturizing Face Screen and Anti-Aging Day Serum have been ranked in the ‘Top 25 Moisturizers with SPF’ and Kid Safe Screen in the ‘Top Sunscreens’ by the Environmental Working Group. (EWG is a non-profit organization in the US. Their mission is  to use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment.)
It provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with a unique formulation of non-nano zinc oxide.
I appreciate the mentality behind their ingredients:
"...because we know that what goes on your skin ultimately penetrates your skin and goes into your body, we don't use toxins, petroleum-based products, nanoparticles, or anything else that's potantially harmful.Not now,not ever."
We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday. I applied the sunscreen to the kids and was very pleased.
I love that it provides instant protection upon application. No need to apply some time before going outdoors. It has a nice smell. But best of all is the peace of mind: Knowing that I am protecting them from the sun using a safe product.
You can check out their products here . They deliver worldwide. At the moment, they have free delivery for US and Canada orders over $100.
Marie Veronique Organics donate 10% of their profits to The Acumen Fund, dedicated to creating better opportunities for women and children in Third World countries.