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Monday, 6 June 2011

Book Sharing Monday:Monday

Monday,by Anne Herbauts,Tate Publishing

Monday is a penguin who likes to stay warm. His best friends are Yesterday and Tomorrow. They like playing the piano together. They enjoy the spring, summer and autumn. But when winter comes, Monday's house is blown away in a snowstorm. And he is buried in the snow,too. What happens next?

This is a beautiful book we found in the library the other week. My daughter enjoyed feeling the snowflakes on the pages.The pages of the book also grow thinner as Monday starts disapperaing. Poetic and tactile book for talking about days, seasons and friendship.

Monday,that's his name

Monday can't wait for Tuesday.
And when it's Tuesday,
he's thinking about Wednesday.
By Wednesday he feels very small,
so small that when Thursday arrives
he doesn't know if Friday will ever come.
He is astonished when it's Saturday.
On Sunday all is quiet.

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