Smiling like Sunshine: Playing with goop

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Playing with goop

It was very rainy this morning so instead of going to the playgroup, we decided to stay at home and play with goop.

All we needed was some cornflour and water. Defne enjoyed mixing it using her hands.
Now, goop has quite an interesting texture. As you mix it with water, it dissolves in it and all the lumps disappear.And it becomes liquid.
If however, you wait for a little while, it thickens and hardens and you need to scrape it using a spoon which Defne enjoyed. Scraping and mixing again, it turns back into its liquid form. At this point, we decided to add some food colouring using a squeeze bottle.
She found it quite interesting that the little drop got bigger and bigger.
She  stirred it with the spoon and loved the swirling colours
She then wanted to add more colours, so in went red and yellow

A little while later, she added glitter, too :) At this point, it had turned into a dirty brown colour which wouldn't look nice on a photo so I'm not adding a picture of that one. She had a great time, exploring and playing.
As it was still on the table,  we had another go at scraping when we sat for lunch: She was very happy to see a lovely blue colour under the disgusting brown mixture :) Perfect sensory play for a rainy day!

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