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Monday, 22 August 2011

Book Sharing Monday:There are cats in this book

My husband and myself are cat lovers. We don't live with a cat at the moment, but both kids are very fond of cats, too. So I just had to borrow this book from the library when I came across it a few months ago.We LOVED it and borrowed it  for the second time last week!
 It is an interactive book with lots of flaps and  lots of funny cats. There isn't a story as such, but you get to meet three cats who want to play with you. Great fun for little ones ensuring lots of laughter at bedtime!

I found a youtube video of the book, read by the author and illustrator Vivianne Schwarz:

Schwarz has another book There are no cats in this book, which we also love.
My friend Zoe at Playing By the Book has recently posted free activity sheets from the author. I love what her daughters created with the cats!

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  1. Absolutely love this book! Very funny and really original. Discovered it via the library. I'm amazed it's not more widely known.

  2. We have that book and it is soooo adorable :-)


  3. We love that book - such a cute idea! =)

  4. I'm going to have to get this for Baby since he is obsessed with cats - and cat books ;-)

  5. Thanks for linking to me! What a nice surprise. This is one of our favourite books too. J loves talking to the cats in it!

  6. Thanks for the comments.I have just printed the sheets for D. for when she comes home from a day trip to London with daddy. Can't wait to see her face :)

  7. That looks very cute. Lift the flap books are a big hit in our house!

  8. This is one of our favorite books.

  9. Love sharing books with my little one!


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