Smiling like Sunshine: In search of the perfect dollshouse

Friday, 19 August 2011

In search of the perfect dollshouse

We are going to buy a dollshouse for our daughter which resulted spending a few hours browsing various sites on my part. Icannot complain though! Some are so beautiful I thought I would share them with you here:

lovely DIY dolls house by lilla-a design

gorgeous felt dollshouse via Ivy Designs
Lundby dolls house, very Sweedish!Love the terrace!
Beautiful design but discontinued
Minimii Arne Jacobsen dollshouse, blew me away
a peek inside the Minimii house
I would love to live here! Made by Megan at Mousehouse

via {made by joel},simple yet very elegant

very beautiful one-in-a-thousand-dollshouse, but cannot afford it £15000 on Etsy!

Do your little ones enjoy playing with dollshouses? What kind of a dollshouse did you prefer?