Smiling like Sunshine: In search of the perfect dollshouse

Friday, 19 August 2011

In search of the perfect dollshouse

We are going to buy a dollshouse for our daughter which resulted spending a few hours browsing various sites on my part. Icannot complain though! Some are so beautiful I thought I would share them with you here:

lovely DIY dolls house by lilla-a design

gorgeous felt dollshouse via Ivy Designs
Lundby dolls house, very Sweedish!Love the terrace!
Beautiful design but discontinued
Minimii Arne Jacobsen dollshouse, blew me away
a peek inside the Minimii house
I would love to live here! Made by Megan at Mousehouse

via {made by joel},simple yet very elegant

very beautiful one-in-a-thousand-dollshouse, but cannot afford it £15000 on Etsy!

Do your little ones enjoy playing with dollshouses? What kind of a dollshouse did you prefer?


  1. Ben de istiyorum ben de :)) Kucukken babam bana yapacagina soz vermisti ama bir turlu basaramadi :(( Simdi ben bocuge almak istiyorum. Alirsam da Ingiliz evlerinden tercih ederim sanirim. Oradayken bebek evlerine bayiliyordum cunku! Sawston diye bir koy vardi yakinimizda, oyuncakcida guzel bebek evleri gordugumu hatirliyorum sanki. Bir de Barcelona'da gorduklerimi cok sevmistim. Minicik lambalar bile vardi icine koymak icin ama fiyatlari cocuklardan cok kolleksiyonculara uygundu. Bir de boyle bir durum var degil mi, kolleksiyon yapanlar yuzunden cocuklara baktigimiz seylerin fiyatlari yukseliyor :((( Bulursan/alirsan haber eder misin?

  2. Oooh, I love all of them, especially the Arne Jacobsen! The felt one is also pretty gorgeous and the Swedish one! My little girl has a basic wooden model that I bought furniture separately for. This weekend we are making curtains for it!! Good luck with your search! Emma :)

  3. Hi! I am a French Mum in London and I love your blog. As for doll houses, we found an old one in our attic when we bought our house. How lucky is this?
    Am your latest follower @JSJ2020

  4. What a lovely selection of dolls houses!

    I bought a Playmobil campervan for my little boy, which is a combination of a mini dolls house and a van so we're both happy ;-)

  5. Thank you for all the lovely comments and hello to new followers :)

  6. I found my way here by was of the 'Blow Your Blog Horn.'

    When I was growing up I had a huge doll house my dad built himself. It was an A-frame house with four lift up roof panels. The problem was those roof panels would often swing closed, whacking me on the head! After a few big lumps on the head I eventually tied the panels together with yarn, but the house didn't look so glamorous after that.

  7. I have an idea! Who has a dollshouse can send their own photos to you via e-mail. It would help to you and us! All of us can see different type dollshouses from different countries.

  8. Beautiful collection! My daughter doesn't have a dollhouse yet, but I have the Plan Toys "Green Dollhouse" on my list. Have you seen it? It has solar panels and recycling bins ;) I love the felt idea, though! Simple, yet still beautiful and less expensive than other options!

  9. wow so many different types. I like the traditional ones more than the modernist ones. I do like the Green Dollhouse idea though. such a great way to make children think about this from the start!!

  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Dilek, lovely idea but I really don't know if people would be willing.
    In the end we bought Plan Toys Chalet House with furnuture. I really like it and hope it will be played by both children. It's a lovely design and more neutral colours rather than some girly ones on the market ;)


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