Smiling like Sunshine: Experimenting with candle wax and water colours

Friday, 9 September 2011

Experimenting with candle wax and water colours

Today's craft is inspired by one of my favorite blogs: Playing by the Book. I recently borrowed some of the books Zoe has reviewed. One of these books is Box of Tricks by Katie Cleminson.
Zoe and her daughters made beautiful pictures inspired by this book which I thought Defne would love as well.
Defne loves candles so when I told her that we would use a candle to make a picture she was delighted.
So, I let Defne drip wax on the paper. At first sight she was afraid of the flame but then I showed her how to hold the candle safely (a tall candle helps) and then she was ready to go.

She then painted her picture using water colours. These days she loves painting with watercolours so she was very happy with it.

I really like the gorgeous pictures Zoe's daughters made using watercolour paper and pipettes. Have added them on my shopping list already. I will definitely buy them for Defne and see what she has to create!