Smiling like Sunshine: Melted Crayon Shaving Picture

Friday, 2 September 2011

Melted Crayon Shaving Picture

We have some old crayons. To put them to good use we decided to make something with them.
I made crayon shavings using a vegetable peeler. I arranged a sheet of baking paper. I put some newspapers and a kitchen towel under it as we needed to use the iron later.
Then Defne arranged them on the  paper to her hearts content.
She said a ballerina is dancing in the middle ;)
Then I folded over the wax paper and ironed it on a low setting. We observed how the crayons melted. A few minutes later, when it  was cool enough for Defne to handle it, she peeled the  paper and voila!

We loved the colours!


  1. This looks like great fun, we have a load of little crayon stubs as well. I'd love if you'd link this up to the blog hop I'm having this weeekend. You have some other great projects as well, you can link as many as you want up. Hope you can join in!

  2. brilliant idea!

  3. That's a really good idea. I like a bit of creative 'mess'. I shall give that a go with my granddaughter when she's a bit bigger.

  4. I'm loving all the cool crayon art I've seen on blogs lately!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  5. This looks great, o think my daughter would like to do that. I saw something on another blog where you 'bake' old crayons stubs in cupcake cases to make a new multi coloured crayons. Love the look of your blog x

  6. Ooh how lovely! I have seen similar - where you can then take your "final piece" and cut it into pretty shapes (or leave it as it is) and hang it into the window. Stunning effect and such a great way to recycle :-)

    Love it!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  7. That looks really fun, I'll be saving all my crayon bits!

  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments, I'm glad you enjoyed. Maggy,I was actually thinking of a suncatcher,too but this turned out very thin. We need more shavings.Lovely project though, next time!

  9. I wonder if you could stick a magnet on the back to make fridge magnets - or do you think they'd be too delicate?

    Thanks for joining in with the Play Academy :)


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