Smiling like Sunshine: Book Review:Operation Alphabet

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Book Review:Operation Alphabet

 I was recently sent this book  for a review. We were delighted when it popped through the door.
Operation Alphabet recounts the story of a small boy Charlie Foxtrot who has difficulty in learning his ABCs. Thanks to the Ministry of Letters, a top-secret government department it all becomes clear.
I love the illustrations and the retro feeling of the book.

My daughter who has just started the Reception class loved the book. She has  had an interest in the alphabet from a very young age, so she finds the book great fun. It is a bit longer than the books we read together and there are some concepts she can't yet get, but I am sure we will continue reading and enjoying the book in the years to come.
The Ministry of Letters is written  by Al MacCuish, a creative director at London agency Mother.
He says: “It suddenly dawned on me that the alphabet is actually tremendously important to all our daily lives. But apart perhaps from crossword fans and typographers, the vast majority of us take it for granted. All except children."
"For a few years at the beginning of their lives, the Alphabet is incredibly important to children. Letters suddenly become new words, and those new words begin to access ideas - and I thought that was quite exciting. It struck me as a really fun idea that they might actually be alive."
The book is part of a wider series called The Ministry of Letters. If you visit the website of Ministry of Letters, you can read excerpts from the book and download bookmarks, nameplates and other goodies. 
Oh and before I forget, the book jacket turns into a lovely alphabet poster!
An application of the book is soon to be released.
Ministry of Letters  is published by Thames & Hudson.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Sam from Ministry of Letters who kindly send us the book for review purposes. As always, this review reflects my true and honest opinion.