Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday:The Opposite

Monday, 3 October 2011

Book Sharing Monday:The Opposite

The Opposite by Tom Magrea (illustrated by Elena Odriozola) is a new favorite in our house.

"When Nate woke up one morning, The Opposite was standing on his ceiling staring down at him. And from that moment on, Nate's day is turned upside down in the most extraordinary way..."

I am not going to tell anymore about the book, instead I highly recommend you  watch this Youtube video together with your kids where The Opposite is  read by the fabulous Micheal Rosen.

Thanks to Zoe for pointing out the CBeebies Bedtime Stories read by M.Rosen.

What have you been reading and enjoying with your children lately? I would love it if you come and share with us. Feel free to grab my button (on the right hand side) and share the love.

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  1. Aah Michael Rosen! I love him!

  2. What a cute book - and fun reading of it.

  3. This book looks great! I'll put it on reserve at the library now & watch the video with the kids this afternoon

  4. I love the video and book connections = we don't do tv, but like to bring in little media clips to get the kids excited about reading and learning!

  5. Wow! You do have fabulous book choices! It looks fabulous :-)



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