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Monday, 24 October 2011

It's all about the process

You know how much we enjoy arts and craft at the Smiling like Sunshine Headquarters. It's half-term here so having a spent a beautiful day at the park during the weekend, I thought we could do some autumnal craft.
I asked Defne if she'd like to do some painting using her sponges and she happily agreed. I was thinking that we could cut out some leaves from her painting and make a tree.
I prepared the table: A large sheet of paper, some autumnal colours on the tray and she started.
I enjoy watching my daughter and it is fantastic to see what she comes up with.
She painted the sheet mixing all the colours, then wanted to stick some sparly sequins and jewels.
Then she wanted to use her fingers and did some finger painting.
So we didn't get to make a tree but I love how proud and contented she was with her picture. It's all about that really. It's all about the process, letting her mind and creativity unfold.


  1. That's a lovely pretty picture anyway. I think some of the time I get caught up in the end goal and miss out on the process, things don't always need to go to plan. :)

  2. I love this! I remember thoroughly enjoying art because of the process. Until I ran into the art teacher who based her grade on "effort" and "attitude." She didn't like me, for whatever reason and gave me my very first "D" on a piece I had loved creating. She successfully drummed out all passion and belief in myself and the process of creating in art over that year.

    Cheers for supporting this creative flow!

  3. Kudos to you for honoring her process! I love the painting.

  4. Exactly how I love to do art with my kids. Painting has a special way of bringing out the creativity in children. It is so much better than pre-cut craft projects and such. So fun to see what unfolded. Thanks for sharing!


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