Smiling like Sunshine: {My favorite Children's Book:Manana Mama}

Saturday, 8 October 2011

{My favorite Children's Book:Manana Mama}

I have been celebrating the Children's Book Week with my fellow bloggers all week long. Today I have two guests. Watch out for a second post later in the day.

Name: Rachel
Website: Manana Mama

Your favorite children's book and why you like it: My favourite book is 'I Took the Moon for a Walk'  because it is the most lyrical, beautifully crafted children's book imaginable. For instance a simple reflection is described thus: "We danced 'cross the bridge where the smooth waters flow. The moon was above and the moon was below. Bright in between them I echoed their glow, when I took the moon for a walk.'

Your children's favorite book: My Ana's favourite book has got to be 'Q Pootle 5' because it's about aliens and mechanical engineering, which are essentially her two fixations. The day she figures out how to build a space ship from cupboard tins, she'll up and leave me for sure. 

My Ali's favourite book is 'Where the Wild Things Are', because my Ali is truly a wild thing at heart and the book makes her feel like she's not alone in the world. Ali likes to do the wild rumpus, and her favourite cuddle toy is a wild thing called Max. 

I can't remember how I found Rachel's blog but I remember I found her blog title very interesting. I always enjoy her writings and the way she uses the language.