Smiling like Sunshine: Sunday Surf

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday Surf

I am joining Mamapoekie this week and sharing some of the best links I have come across this past week:

Brands and plants:Which can you name?Which can your kids name?
An interesting post and food for thought. My kids are too young to name those brands yet. They are still very young so I can still control what they are exposed to but I am proud to say my almost 5 year old won't recognize any fast food chains as she has not set foot into any of them.

A silicon valley school that doesn't compute
An article about high-tech parents who work for  Google, Apple, Yahoo and Hewitt-Packard, but who believe that computers and TVs have no place in schools. 

Breastfeeding through aversion  Sometimes breastfeeding is just not easy and enjoyable. Amy shares her tips over at Code Name Mama.