Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday: One Snowy Night

Monday, 14 November 2011

Book Sharing Monday: One Snowy Night

This weekend the weather was so beautiful here.. We enjoyed spending lots of time outdoors, walking, collecting leaves and pine cones. Despite this weather I want to share a winter book with you. We love Percy, the park keeper's adventures with his animal friends. This past week we had been reading books from our box set but this one, One Snowy Night is the first book we came across when we first discovered the Percy books and it is still a firm favorite.
Percy, the park keeper, always feeds the animals in the park where he lives. But on a very cold winter night his animal friends require more of him than just food. One by one they appear, shivering on his doorstep, asking for shelter. Soon there is no room in the bed for Percy.

What have you been reading and enjoying with your children lately? I would love it if you come and share with us. Feel free to grab my button (on the right hand side) and share the love.

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  1. Oh I love Nick Butterworth, this may have to go on the Amazon wish list. :)

  2. This book is a reminder that winter is coming!

  3. I really enjoy your Book Sharing Monday posts, so this week I have done one of my own. It is about 'Babies Love Books'.

  4. Ah, I could use any story with snow this winter. I'm missing the cold weather! Thanks for sharing, Isil. I'm joining you this week, too :)

  5. My ones love the Percy books. I think the illustrations are just amazing. There is so much detail. A great choice!

  6. We love this book too. It was our first Percy book. After the Storm is also very popular in our house - any book featuring animals and tools goes down well with my son!
    Really enjoy your book sharing Monday posts.

  7. Thanks to all of you for the cooment love. Really glad that you have been enjoying the Book Sharing Monday :)

  8. Haven't seen this one but it reminds me a little of one of our favorites, Duck at the Door by Urbanovic. Those winter storms tend to drive the animals into the house, don't they?


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