Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday:Here Comes Frankie

Monday, 7 November 2011

Book Sharing Monday:Here Comes Frankie

"Here comes Frankie"  is the story of Frankie who lives a quiet life with his parents. His father enjoys reading books in silence and his mum loves her crosswords in peace and quiet. Yet life is a bit dull on their road. One day Frankie decides he would like to  learn the trumpet. The notes from the trumpet are a rainbow of glossy colours, a fruit salad of music bursting forth like a carnival across the pages. And Frankie's parents begin to enjoy the music as well and the street begins to dance.
The illustrations are bold and colourful, sparkling imagination! Definitely one of the most beautiful children's book I have read recently.
Here is another book from the same writer that I had shared here on the blog before,

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  1. Hi Isil, I love the books you feature. We recently bought a few published by Gecko Press. Thank you! "Who's Hiding?" is such a great find. Thanks! -Pauline xox

  2. HERE COMES FRANKIE does look gorgeous! It reminds me a little of a book called THE LOUDS MOVE IN, which is about a neighborhood that is very very quiet until one very loud family moves in. But the neighbors eventually adjust and join in the fun :) Thanks, too, for mentioning your button. I'll put it on my blog today!

  3. That sounds like a fun book!

  4. I've tried and tried to link to your Book Sharing Monday, and I just can't figure it out! I know you asked me forever ago, and I did try then and several times since then, but I'm doing something wrong and just don't know what it is. Seems pretty straightforward, but trust me to find a way to break the system!


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