Smiling like Sunshine: Quick craft:Pinecone men

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Quick craft:Pinecone men

Autumn is such a lovely time of the year as the nature gives us so many things to "play" with. We had collected some pinecones, although I'm not quite sure these are pinecones. These are taller and thinner but let's call them pinecones, shall we? Inspired by Red Ted Art's Stick Men we made Pinecone Men.

Defne enjoyed cutting dresses for them from old clothes and googly eyes were taped as glue was not strong enough. But then my daughter loves taping everything anyway ;)
Have you been making any crafts with your kids lately?


  1. Oh my! These made me smile! Aren't they adorable!? Feel honoured that they were inspired by our stick men.. they must be related!


  2. (PS Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!)

  3. tohumlarla oyuncak yapmak icin bi g├╝zel fikir daha :)


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