Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday:The Story Blanket

Monday, 19 December 2011

Book Sharing Monday:The Story Blanket

Remember The Opposite,by Tom Magrea  and Elena Odriıozola? We love that book so when I came across The Story Blanket, I knew we had to read it. The Story Blanket is written by Farida Wolf &  Harriet May Savitz and illustrated by Elena Odriozola.

The Story of the Blanket is a story about giving and receiving. It is set in a snow bound village. The children in the village love settling down on Babba Zarrah's big old story blanket to listen to her stories. One day Babba Zarah notices there is a hole in one of the children's shoe. She decides to knit him some warm shoes. As they are snow bound, there is no one to deliver wool so she decides to unravel a little of the story blanket and use the wool for socks. Then she starts knitting  various things for people in the village and leaves them on their doorstep as a surprise. Noone understands what is going  on. Until one day,when they realise that there is no story blanket to sit on.

A lovely story about generosity to read during winter. Oh and the illustrations are so so beautiful. Delicate with beautiful details. I personally would love to sit on that story blanket . It is gorgeous!

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