Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday:Helen Oxenbury

Monday, 16 January 2012

Book Sharing Monday:Helen Oxenbury

My son Derin is not interested in books as much as his sister used to be. He is a very active little boy  so I suppose he can't sit still to read a book . Generally, he gets bored halfway through, closes the book and announces that it is finished :) There are a few books though, he constantly picks from the shelf  and  "reads" all by himself.
One of these books is Helen Oxenbury's Tickle,Tickle

We recieved this book last year with his Book Trust packet when he turned one years old.
Helen Oxenbury's illustrations are just so lively! I suppose the big faces of the babies, their vivid expressions are what appeals to my son. He always laughs at the babies.

Over time, I  borrowed Oxenbury's other books from the library.
Ten little fingers and ten little toes, Clap Hands  and So Much have been firm favourites as well.  I personally also like that the books show babies from different cultures.

What have you been reading with your little ones lately? I would love for you to blog about it and share via the linky. Please leave a comment when you add a post to the linky. If you are not a blogger, you are more than welcome to share your bokks in the comments section. I love hearing about what other families enjoy reading.

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  1. I LOVE this book, her drawings are just exquisite. They are so expressive, you can recognise every cheeky face in your own scamp. I was read this when I was a baby and now am able to read it to my daughter. It is just timeless and so fun (and sturdy too for book-nibblers).
    Ten Little Fingers is my all-time favourite book to read as a mummy. Good choices!


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