Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday:The Children of the Hat Cottage

Monday, 30 January 2012

Book Sharing Monday:The Children of the Hat Cottage

After last week's book Winter, I thought I would share with you Elsa Beskow's lovely book The Children of the Hat Cottage . Elsa Beskow is a Swedish writer and illustrator. Swedish children have been enjoying her books for over a century. Her books  typically reflect the change of seasons and tales about children's independent initiatives.
Originally published in 1930 The Children of the Hat Cottage has just been published in English. It tells the adventures of the children who when their mother leaves them at home to buy some yarn, decide to clean the cottage. They have great fun but their clothes become so messy. So they decide to wash them and want to dry them in front of a fire. But fires are hard to control... Luckily there is somebody to  help.
The story is enchanting and Beskow's illustrations are gorgeous.

We purposefully did not introduce Defne to fairy tales at a young age. I believe traditional tales might be confusing for young children and they should rather learn and explore the real world. Also, some of the traditional tales are very scary. But now at 5 years old,we are slowly delving into the world of fairy tales and enjoying them. Defne enjoyed Elsa Beskow's book and it has become a bedtime favourite already.

What have you been reading with your children recently? I would love for you to share it. If you are new to Book Sharing Monday, please check out the page above.

Disclaimer: I recieved my copy of the book from the publisher.The review reflects my true and honest opinion.