Smiling like Sunshine: Kids' Rooms {Montessori inspired}

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Kids' Rooms {Montessori inspired}

Every now and then I get asked about how to decorate a kid's room Montessori style. So I thought a post might be useful.

For a Montessori inspired room,
  • Try to use an open shelving system so the child can choose whatever he/she wants to play with freely.
  •  Use baskets for storing toys  so the child can easily tidy up and put it back to the shelf when he/she is done with it.
  • Rather than a cot, use a floor bed, so the child can easily get in/out of the bed.
  • Use child sized furnitures. Try to be creative and always look for ways to make your child more independant around the house. In the bathroom, hang hooks and maybe a small mirror at their height so they can reach it easily all by themselves. In the kitchen, if possible,create a corner/drawer where they can have access to their own cutlery,glass etc. 

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