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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Review: {Cubby Kit}

We recently received a Cubby Kit to review. Cubby Kit is a crate containing kids craft and art activities and ideas.
They are designed around themes and ours is an Outer Space one.
The kit contains three craft activities. 
Papier Mache Planets
Foam Rocket
Constellations Wall Chart

All the materials and instructions are organised neatly in the box. 

Making a papier mache sun
The Sun is finished but other planets are still a work in progress ;-) 
Constellations Wall Chart with my daughter's favorite dot to dot activity  plus glitter gel pen!

Defne enjoyed making this rocket and she loves to play with it. 

Cubby Kits are designed for 3-4 year olds and 5-6 years olds. Each kit is designed around a theme which give the chance for playful learning. As I said, everything that is needed comes in the box. Great if you don't have enough time or simply don't enjoy doing craft activities or don't know how to get started. I personally love doing all sorts of crafts and activities but let's face it. It does take quite a lot of time deciding what to do and organizing all the materials.

To be honest when Defne was about two and we started doing crafts, I bought a ready Easter basket kit. It was so tricky even I couldn't manage it. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down to do something with your child and feeling like a failure. All the contents went to the bin and it was so upsetting telling my daughter that it didn't work out. Since then I never bought a ready kit but from what I see, Cubby Kit is different. It sparks the imagination  and you can really "make" something with these materials.
I also like that the leaflets contain little notes to encourage you to talk about the theme with your child. For example for our papier mache planets, whilst blowing our balloons we talked about which one is big:The sun,the moon and the earth. Great for playful learning!
Cubby Kits can also make a lovely gift or you can just take them to granny's house or to holiday with you and enjoy with your child.
Cubby Kits are sold on a monthly or annually subscription system. You can learn more about Cubby Kit here.

Disclaimer: We received a sample kit for review purposes.All opinion my own. The links in this post are affiliate links.


  1. Paper crafts are the amazing cultural designs which are in use across the globe.Every school in the world has placed the art of paper mache crafts in thier curriculum so that creativity gets a boost right from the formative years of one's upbringing.

  2. I like the sound of this. It seems really convenient that they include the materials along with the instructions. I've tried out a few other ready made kits and I know what you mean about the frustration, I'm glad to hear that this one actually sounds good.

  3. Vicki5 March 2012 at 17:36

    I really want to try that rocket!


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