Smiling like Sunshine: Snow Painting

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Snow Painting

So we finally had some snow here over the weekend! Not too much though, so there wasn't enough snow to make a snowman but the kids still had some fun.
Derin saw the snow for the first time and enjoyed playing with the snow:

While the kids were playing, I was thinking about ways to make it more interesting as I said there wasn't much snow. Then it occurred to me that we could paint the snow using food colouring. I went inside, grabbed two bottles of food colouring and I drew a heart on the snow.
Then the kids enjoyed drawing some shapes. It is lovely to drip the colouring and seeing spread all around.

Then Defne started making marks using the bottle.
They had fun and experienced something new. Defne then took some coloured snow inside, which melted in a few moments. This opened up a conversation about ice, temperatues and melting.
Have you had snow recently?