Smiling like Sunshine: Water Bead Fun

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Water Bead Fun

The blogosphere is inundated with water beads. If you haven't heard about them they are used by florists,are non-toxic and provide a sensory experience for the kids. Ours arrived just a few days ago and the kids loved them.

At first they were teeny tiny
We added water and as we waited for them to grow and grow.

It was quite a sight when they turned into lovely bouncy balls!
Defne loves sensorial activities whereas Derin is not so much keen yet. Defne told me that they are squidgy and slimy.

There was lots of scooping and pouring.

 As I was thinking of ways to include Derin more, I considered bringing some legos. I set up a slide and the kids loved posting our animals and beads through the tunnel.

It is great fun and yes,they do tend to  bounce off everywhere ;-)