Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday

Monday, 9 April 2012

Book Sharing Monday

Remember Marc Boutavant's Mouk I shared here a couple of weeks ago? Well, we  borrowed his other books from the library.

For Just One Day is all about imagination.  Each page of this  book encourages children to pretend they are various creatures for one day. However in the end the writer reminds the children that  the best person to be is themselves.

All Kinds of Families is illustrated by Boutavant and the beautiful rhyming text is by Mary Ann Hoberman.

Families, families all kinds of families, 
Families are people and animals, too. 
But all sorts of other things fit into families. 
Look all around and you'll see that they do!

The book is celebrating all kinds of families from bottle caps to celery stalks with stunning illustrations.

What have you been reading with your children recently? Please share with us.
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