Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday

Monday, 16 April 2012

Book Sharing Monday

Like all kids, my little ones are delighted with balloons. Books about balloons are also delightful.

I first came across The Yellow Balloon over at Playing by the Book. It is a wonderful book with gorgeous  illustrations about a yellow balloon that floats all around the world. Lots to talk and dream about.
A few weeks ago,while we were at the park, we saw a balloon floating high up in the sky. It was lovely to watch and we talked about where the balloon will go.

Then at the library I came across The Unpoppable by Tim Hopgood. We had read a few of his lovely books before so I borrowed it. This is a beautiful book about a yellow balloon and a little boy who again lets go of his balloon.
 Defne  enjoyed the story of this unpoppable and unstoppable balloon. An we had great fun with the words "unpoppable" and "unstoppable".

What have you been reading with your kids recently? We would love for you to share with us. I will be reviewing and giving away some lovely books so don't forget to come back tomorrow ;)


  1. The both look like great reads! My son loves find balloons in the grocery store or anywhere we go. I'll have to check them both out!

  2. Unpoppable looks especially cute!

  3. Great post! Wonderful books!

  4. Thanks for the comment love :)


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