Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday:Martha and The Bunny Brothers

Monday, 30 April 2012

Book Sharing Monday:Martha and The Bunny Brothers

Martha and The Bunny Brothers is my daughter's latest favourite book.  Written and illustrated by Clara Vullamy, this book is cheerful with its bold and beautiful illustrations.
Martha Bunny is just starting school and she is really looking forward to it. As she gets ready for school, she puts all her valuable stuff and bits and bobs in her bag. Her bunny brothers don't want her to leave them and go to school. Martha also feels a bit sorry about leaving her bunny brothers behind. But Martha has an idea: A Happy Bunny Club with a badge and everything.
I love this positive book about starting to school. I often see how my little ones hug each other when Defne comes home from school, they miss each other so much. I had never come across this subject on children's book before. It is definitely an important subject and something  all children will relate.
Defne LOVES the book so much she wants to take it to school to share with her class and 2 year old Derin loves the attractive illustrations.
Also, the pages of the books are designed in a scrapbook style so there are lots of lovely things to spot and talk about.
This book is the first in a series called I heart School and we can't wait to read the other books!If you are curious about the book and want to be a member of the Happy Bunny Club, click here.

What have you been reading with your kids recently? We would love for you to share your  books with us.
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  1. My kids really miss each other when they have school, too - we need to look for this book!

  2. This looks like a good one. My granddaughter would like this. Thanks for hosting!

  3. We get books like that once and a while, but since we homeschool it's difficult to understand how it is going to school since my kids don't go. I love to see what everyone reads and one school one we love is the new SkippyJon Jones book called "Class Action". We have it at home and read it often. Thanks for sharing and hosting this.

  4. This book looks really cute. My youngest is going to start kindergarten in the fall, and I just ordered a few "school" books from a recent Scholastic book club flyer, including a couple books from the Miss Bindergarten series. Thanks for hosting Book-Sharing Monday--and for letting us submit a little late!

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