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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ipad Kids App Review

Today I have two interesting Ipad apps  that I would love to share. As I mentioned before, I am not a great fan of  games on Ipads or Iphones for children. But I do like the educational applications. And today I have innovative book applications which we have really enjoyed.

Ladybird Classic Me Books: 

The classic Ladybird books are available as an application now. What a joy! We received the promo code for The Zoo. It is lovely for children to read and listen to the stories with sound effets.  There is also a feature that enables children to record their own voices.Very engaging and helps with reading skills.

Available from itunes for £0.69.

Tales for Great Grandchildren 

This must be the most beautiful and enchanting app I have ever come across. A collection of  13 stories from India and Nepal,this app is aimed at older chidren, between 7-12 years old. The tales were inspired by the author John Jackson's  trek around Nepal and India some 30 years ago. He also narrates the stories in the application and I enjoyed listening his absorbing voice. All the stories are interesting but I especially liked the Cold Side of the Moon.
The application has "read-to-me" and "read-to-self" modes.

Available from itunes for £4.99 for the bundle of tales,or  £0.69 per tale.

You can watch the official trailer for this app.

Disclosure: I received promo codes for these apps. This review however reflects my  honest opinion. Please bear in mind that I only write about products that I really like and would be happy to purchase.


  1. Oo I have a huge collection of classic Ladybird books that are currently hidden from my little 'artist's' crayons! I'm a bit of a paper junkie and I'm not keen on the idea of reading books off a screen, but your comment that the Zoo has sound effects has me intrigued are they interactive at all or does it just read the story to you?

  2. When you touch an animal on one page,you can hear the animal sound. You can also record your own voice.

  3. I have all of the Classic Ladybird Books on my iPad. My 5 YO loves them and the way she can interact with the stories.

    I fell in love with the concept of children's books as apps when HD came home with Oliver Jeffers - The Heart in the Bottle. We love Oliver Jeffers and to see one of his stories come alive on the page was magical.

    There is much to be gained from getting children to interact with stories - it would be a sad loss to allow the computer games of today to steal the stage and leave classic stories and brilliant authors left forgotten.

    Don't knock it till you try it - when you do, you will find yourself with a growing collection.


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