Smiling like Sunshine: Exploring Art with Kids: Seurat

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Exploring Art with Kids: Seurat

I have been meaning to explore the masters of art with Defne for ages. I finally got round to it thanks Red Ted Art's new challenge: Kids Get Arty.
Last weekend we took our art books from the shelf and I showed Defne(5yo) Seurat's masterpiece: A Sunday afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. I told her about pointillism and we talked about how long it would  to make a picture this way. It took Seurat two years to finish this picture!
When I asked Defne to imagine starting a picture at 5 years old and finishing it at 7, she found it very funny and unbelievable but once she started her own masterpiece she understood how long it takes ;-)
Defne used a cotton bud for her picture. 

A castle and a lovely sun shining!

She showed great concentration and  enjoyed making a picture using a different medium.


  1. Wonderful! My son was also intrigued that it took Klimt 3 years to do the artwork that we explored - it really is such a long time. Quite a life time for our kids, isn't it.

    Love the castle, it is beautiful.

    Thanks for joining in with Kids Get Arty! The next on is mid July :-)


  2. It's hard to imagine working on the same project for that long.

    In our household, I think my husband's probably the only one with the attention span to do something like that and the rest of us would end up with 52 started-but-set-aside paintings. :)

  3. So cute. I think exposing children to art (and poetry) when they are young is so important.

    Good job!

  4. Love the cotton bud idea. Much easier than using a brush.

  5. Love the cotton bud idea, it would soak up the paint really well. Your daughter's castle looks wonderful.

  6. What an absolutely lovely painting! She has really understood the concept, and made it her own.
    Congratulations to the artist!

  7. That worked out very well! I love how concentrated she is. What a great way to teach about art. Vicky from

  8. Her artwork is lovely! I have been meaning to try this type of art with my daughter for awhile, and glad to see your post to remind me!

  9. Wow! Can't believe it took that long! What a fun picture and I love the painting with q-tips technique!

  10. I am impressed that she had the patience to stick with this! Her work is fantastic!


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