Smiling like Sunshine: Craft Ideas for Old Greeting Cards

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Craft Ideas for Old Greeting Cards

Today we have a sponsored guest post from Rhian Farnworth: Perfect for recycling all those old greeting cards and creating something new with them!

Did you know that people in the UK send more greeting cards than anyone else in the world? On average, each person sends and receives more than 30 greeting cards each year. That makes for a huge stack of paper and sentiments.
But what should you do with all of those cards once the occasion has passed? If you don’t want to throw them away, you should consider recycling them into something new. Or better yet, you can fashion them into new gifts so that someone else can enjoy them. Here are five craft ideas for recycling greeting cards.
Holiday decor: If you have a stack of old Christmas cards but don’t know what to do with them, here’s an idea. You can cut the covers into holiday shapes using stencils. They can then be hung from your Christmas tree as ornaments or placed on string to line the mantle. Or, if you don’t want to cut up your keepsakes, you can line them up on cardboard and place them in a frame to make a holiday collage that you can then hang on your wall.
Recycling: This is a helpful tip if you don’t want to buy new cards for every occasion or if you want to avoid a build-up of old ones. You can make new cards from old ones that were given to you simply by attaching the front of an old card to new card stock. This gives you the chance to write an original message inside while still having the advantage of fancy artwork on the front.
Name tags for new gifts: One of the primary reasons people save Hallmark greeting cards is because they like the designs. You can put that artwork to good use by cutting up the cover of an old greeting card into small squares that can be used as gift tags. Simply punch a hole in one corner of each small square, and hang it from a piece ribbon. You can use the blank side to write the recipient’s name or a short message, and attach the card to your gift by the ribbon. 
Original gift bags: If you’re stumped for how to make an original-looking gift bag, you can use old greeting cards to do it. Buy solid-coloured bags and glue gift card covers to the sides. Just make sure the packaging doesn’t outshine the gift inside!
A homemade jigsaw puzzle: Card stock or cardboard can also be used to make a puzzle from greeting cards. You can make a mini puzzle by using just one card, or you can make a larger one by gluing cards side by side on a piece of cardboard. Then, trace whimsically shaped pieces onto the front with a permanent marker. Finally, use a box cutter to (carefully) make puzzle pieces.

There’s a good chance that each card you have received was meant to brighten your day, but just because it’s served its original purpose doesn’t mean that you should stash it away. The best thing you can do is to figure out how to use the same cards to pass the cheer along.