Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday:The Pirates Next Door

Monday, 18 June 2012

Book Sharing Monday:The Pirates Next Door

Defne has never been much interested in pirates so I wasn't sure if she would love this book.When I showed her the book, she wasn't keen to read it. But once we started, she enjoyed it. The Pirates Next Door is a great story about a new family (The pirates) moving into a neighbourhood. (You Move Me) The adults look upon the family and spread rumours about them: They do weird things. They smell bad,their kids have lice etc. Matilda,who lives next door becomes friends with the pirate son. Eventually the pirates move out of town leaving a surprise behind them. I love the message the book gives. The story is engaging and the illustrations are lively and beautiful. What are you reading with your children recently? We would love for you to share your books. If you are new here,please check out the Book Sharing Monday page above to learn what it is all about.