Smiling like Sunshine: Five Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Five Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding

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When I started breastfeeding my daughter exactly 5.5 years ago, I had no idea how long I would breastfeed her. Luckily for us,we didn't have any problems starting off our journey and on the way,other than a few blebs I didn't encounter any problems.My daughter was an avid nurser and so we continued. At one point when she was about 4 months old, I decided I would let her self wean when she feels ready. After 5.5 years, I feel she is very close to that point.
In the meantime,we had another baby who is now 2.5 years old.

Today I want to share the benefits of extended breastfeeding from my perspective:

1. Providing my children lots of nutrients with the breast milk that is still very nutritious in toddlerhood and beyond. 
2.When my children got ill, when they had fevers and no appetite, it has been such a relief to be able to breastfeed them. It puts  my mind at ease since I know they do get some nutrients via my milk and it keeps them hydrated.
3.There is no scientific explanation to this but it has been said that breastfeeding makes toddlers mellower. In my experience it is so true!
4.Children  get ill very frequently when they start to nursery/preschool. Our experience with both kids was on the contrary. I like to think that breastfeeding makes their immunity stronger.
5.Breastfeeding also provides emotional benefits:  It is not only about nutrition especially after toddlerhood when they are perfectly fine with other foods. They children find comfort and security during breastfeeding. I cannot claim it is always easy breastfeeding so long,you do get overwhelmed at times. But the benefits definitely overweigh such feelings.

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  1. Isn't it to do with the hormones? Perhaps that and the skin to skin, or the focused time with mama or the attention makes them mellower? Either way, it's a definite benefit!

  2. I love the bond breastfeeding has helped to develop between my daughter and I.
    I feel privileged yo be able to share this gift with her.

  3. I felt that extended breast feeding eased our transition from SAHM and toddler, to working mum and daycare attending toddler, giving my daughter secuity and reassurance

  4. My favourite 'benefit' of breastfeeding is that it's so easy! After few initial tiring weeks, it becomes really easy - no carrying bottles, no sterilising, can feen anywhere without a fuss. And it's free! Awesome :)

  5. I would agree with the point about illness. When a child is ill and won't eat or drink it's so worrying - being able to give them some comfort as well as nutrition is a real benefit.

  6. Everything!! So hard to choose, but convenience maybe.

  7. I don't think anyone can argue with the health benefits for both baby AND mum! ... I must admit though, I also love the fact that I don't have to sterilise loads of bottles everyday :)

  8. i like the health benefits - my little 2.5 year old is never really ill, he's never vomited in his life and i thought all kids got sick!

  9. Totally agree abour health benefits. My youngest son recently had an emergency trip to hospital. In the rush to get there and the hours (and hours!) sitting waiting, it was great to know that I could feed him and didn't need to worry about running out of snacks and drinks. He was also getting the best possible thing to make him better.

  10. I would have to say the bond that you have with your baby, it is amazing having that lovely bonding time :)

  11. Love your post couldnt agree more:) My favourte has to be the health benefits and also the special time you get to spend together! Truely is priceless!


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